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      Continuous quality improvement, orĀ CQI, is a management philosophy that organizations use to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and increase internal (meaning, employees) and external (meaning, customer) satisfaction. It is an ongoing process that evaluates how an organization works and ways to improve its processes. The underlying philosophy of continuous quality improvement is that when problems arise it is generally a result of poor work design, unclear instructions, or the failure of leadership, not the people performing the processes. But for those organizations that utilize continuous quality improvement - as most do in some form or another nowadays - how they improve their products and processes permeates the culture of an organization; it's not just for the management team to worry about. The philosophy behind CQI stresses the need for teamwork among all levels of employees and maintains that all employees are valuable members of the team. Assuming that employees are doing the day-to-day work that keeps the organization running, they are better equipped to suggest changes than perhaps the leaders are, who often are dealing with more bureaucratic matters. As such, employees are encouraged to analyze their work processes and make suggestions as to how to improve them for the good of the company.
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